Pennsylvania Couple Push for ‘Anthony’s Act’ to Extend Inpatient Treatment

Valerie and Cris Fiore tried to help their son Anthony get his life back together. He was 24 years old and had been trying to get clean for several years now with minimal success. It seemed like every time he received treatment, he was immediately back out on the street struggling on his own and relapse was just around the corner. Anthony spent a month in a treatment facility earlier this year but was discharged after the 30 day max had been reached and he died of an overdose shortly after.

The Fiore family was convinced that had he had a more thorough treatment period that offered him enough time to recover and get past the heroin cravings, he would still be alive. They put together a petition called Anthony’s Act, which aims at extending the minimum length of inpatient rehabilitation programs. With the Affordable Care Act so prominent in the national spotlight, they managed to get half way to the required 10,000 signatures over the summer alone. 

For the Fiore family and others who have watched loved ones perish after being ushered on their way too early in the recovery process, this is a serious matter. Not only does a 90 day treatment program reduce the risk of relapse by nearly 73%, it also decreases the amount of accidents, overdoses, and deaths caused by drug relapse. 

If the government is going to take it upon themselves to mandate health care, then it should be suitable to modern medical practices and require 90 to 180 days in an approved treatment facility. So says the Fiore family and their supporters. If you agree with the petition, you can sign it here

Sobriety and Recovery are goals we strive for together. Healthcare is part of the process.

Published on Wed, 12/10/2014 - 18:22
By Addiction Recovery