The Drug Trade Causes More Harm Than You Think

We often talk about how illegal drugs are harmful to the health and wellbeing of those who actually use them, referencing the physical debilitation and long term damage caused by unhealthy drug abuse. But the far more dangerous aspect of the drug problem worldwide is the actual trade of these substances. 

Aside from the effects on users, the trade and smuggling of illicit substances empowers criminals and cartels on the black market and funds terrorist groups in the Middle East.

Sound too alarmist or extreme? This recent Newsweek article took a look at how the cocaine trade in Europe is derived mostly from West Africa where groups like Hezbollah and al-Qaeda profit tremendously from trading cocaine to westerners. This money goes to the purchasing of guns, bombs, and soldiers who will happily behead the very same infidels to whom their organization just sold 20 kilos of pure cocaine.

Oscar-winning British actress Helen Mirren made headlines in 2008 when she admitted that she loved cocaine but stopped using the drug when she learned how rich it made murderers and terrorists. Not a bad reason to kick the habit when you think about it. Billions of dollars are funneled into Mexico, South America, West Africa, and the Middle East every year by America and Europe just for cocaine. And while these western countries and their people are partying it up with fat lines of tiger blood, the criminal organizations that sold it to them are waging bloody conflicts all over the globe. The next time you’re having trouble reconciling the drop of your coke habit, just remember that by quitting, you’re taking money away from blood wars and terrorist threats. Every time you go buy some from your local Santa, that money eventually makes its way back into the hands of people who are beheading your countrymen on YouTube and slaughtering families in Mexican small towns.

We can certainly argue that it’s the illegal status of these substances and the “War on Drugs” that’s to blame for this violence and the proliferation of drug money to cartels and terrorist groups, rather than the drugs themselves. This is probably true. But for now, until we can get some reforms in the drug war, we have to face facts and take responsibility for where our dollars are going and what they’re being used to do.

Published on Wed, 12/10/2014 - 17:36
By Addiction Recovery