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Independent & Community Driven - Addiction Recovery

What can you expect from Addiction Recovery?

In the coming months will become the world's only patient-rated & reviewed resource for addiction treatment and relapse prevention. Through providing people with the advice, support & resources they need to leave their addictions behind, we will empower individuals and their loved ones to make one of the best choices of their entire lives.

Shortly, you'll be able to research, learn, self-test, communicate, connect, share and browse patient-reviewed addiction centers to determine which path is most appropriate for your unique need and situation.

Addiction Recovery is proudly becoming the worlds only completely independent and unbiased resource for patient-reviewed addiction treatment centers and community based addiction recovery resources.

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Patient Ratings & Reviews - Addiction Treatment Centers

What can you expect from Addiction Recovery?

Members of our community will rate and review addiction treatment centers they've personally had experiences with so you can accurately gauge the facilities community ratings and avoid spending time and money on programs that either don’t deliver on their promises or don't suite your specific needs.

  • Facility overall success rates & ratios
  • Patient based staff & facility reviews
  • Treatment programs & specialties
  • How much are treatment costs
  • How long addiction treament lasts
  • Post treatment follow-up methods

In addition to our drug and addiction treatment center listings, we'll provide articles about substance abuse, addiction help, facilities & treatments and host an interactive forum where you can share your experiences and find answers to your questions within by connecting with the community.


Learn, Change & Grow

Addiction Treatment, Addiction Help & Relapse Prevention

What can you expect from Addiction Recovery?

Our Philosophy is to educate and solve the substance abuse problems that plague so many communities, families and individuals throughout the world. We consistently strive to provide those suffering from addiction with the proper knowledge and assistance they need to select the right treatment approach or addiction treatment center and obtain the addiction help they need to make a complete addiction recovery.

  • Connect with the community
  • Track changes and growth
  • Find addiction treatment centers
  • Prevent addiction relapse
  • Mobile addiction help
  • Learn, change & grow!

"At Addiction Recovery, we are the worlds resource for new beginnings…"